Booking process 

  1. Flat 1, 2, 11, 12, 13, 14: Before booking - please be aware that the flat is not accessible by car or elevator. You have to climb some stairs before getting to the apartment. Hopefully your luggage is not too heavy ;o)
  2. Kindly note that in all flats SMOKING IS PROHIBITED. By non-observance we will cancel the contract immediately and keep the deposit!!!
  3. The first step is to send us a booking request to with the following information: travel period, how many persons (kids? - age?), your address and your phone number. If you wish, we will call you back.
  4. In case we confirm your request you have to transfer a deposit of 150€ (per 1000€ rent) within 5 days. When we get the receipt of payment, your booking is finalized. We will confirm by email.
  5. The remaining amount is due at latest 4 weeks before your arrival.
  6. By doing a booking you agree to our general business conditions.

AGB - General Terms and Conditions for short term renting/leasing

  1. Arrival and Departure: Check out has to happen until 10 a.m. in the morning on Saturday. You may check in from 4 p.m. You can pick up the key between 2 p.m. and 11 p.m.! For a later check in please contact us to agree on a certain time.
  2. Booking and Rental Confirmation: Your booking confirmation will remain valid to the landlord until further written notice. The rental confirmation will become valid through an Email of the landlord confirming your booking. This will be sent to the tenant within 10 days of receiving the booking confirmation.
  3. Payment: In order to reserve the apartment we ask for an advance payment of 150€ (per 1000€ rent). We expect this amount to be transferred directly to our accounts within 5 days after signing the contract. The remaining payment has to be made 4 weeks before arrival at the latest. The rental of the condo will be denied if the payment has not been made.
  4. Payment options: There are 2 possibilities of secure and easy payment:
    a.) transfer to our German bank account
    b.) secure payment with your credit card via PAYPAL (please be aware that we have to charge you 4% Paypal fees)
  5. Services: For extent and kind in the context of the lease the owner and the landlord are responsible for the equipment of the condo and the data specified in the rental contract you will receive per Email.
  6. Additional Costs: Additional costs such as electricity, water, gas, central heating, bedding and towels (1 small + 1 large per person – NO BEACH TOWELS) are included in the rental fee. The final cleaning costs are not included and between 45€ - 65€. Depending on the apartment size.
  7. Bedding and towels: Bedding and towels (1 small + 1 large per person – NO BEACH TOWELS) will be provided. Further towels will be charged additionally.
  8. Final Cleaning: The condo has to be left in a clean condition when you departure. This includes: No trash or waste is left in the condo, cleaning of all dishes, a clean and empty fridge, microwave, washing machine and dishwasher. The landlord will take care of the final cleaning. If the condo will be left in a really bad condition we will charge an additional amount of 80€ extra. We will also charge an extra 50€ in case we agree that you bring a pet staying with you.
  9. Safety: For your own safety please make sure that you and your fellow travellers are ensured. You can get inexpensive insurances at different facilities or on the Internet (e.g. or!
  10. Liability: The advertisement of the condos was made after best knowledge and according to the data of the owner or manager. For an influence of higher forces that prohibit the renting of the condos, e.g. strike, war, earthquakes, lack of electricity, water losses, road works, etc. the owner or landlord cannot made reliable. We cannot take over any liability for electrical mechanisms such as heating, elevator, air conditioning system, pool, etc. Furnishing and other interior details of the condos can be different due to pictures used in the advertisement. If the use of the renting object is not possible due to higher forces, the owner or the landlord is entitled to move you and your travel fellows to a comparable spare object in the same or higher price category and geographical region. If the tenant does not accept this alternative, he/she will loose any prepayments and submits to the cancellation conditions. If no spare condo will be available the owner or landlord can be made reliable to pay the maximum payment as agreed in the contract. In all non-foreseeable cases the landlord cannot be made reliable at any time and in these cases there will not be any compensation required. The use of the condo, including all pertinent exterior installations and mechanisms takes place on own responsibility. The owner and the landlord do not take over any liability in any case of accidents. The tenant is responsible for his/her own personal belongings at any time. If things are stolen landlord do not take over any liability with theft. All other objections to the renting object and claims for damages must be announced to the owner or landlord immediately in written form.
  11. Damages and Defects: The condo has to be treated with care. The landlord has to be notified about any caused damages and defects immediately. The tenant has to compensate for any caused damage himself/herself. The owner or the landlord has to be notified within 24 hours after arrival about any damages and defects ( that are spotted and have not been caused then.
  12. Rescission through tenant: The rescission is only accepted in written form. Rescission charges will accrue if you resign from the contract.
  13. Rescission through landlord: The landlord can resign from the contract without the adherence of a time limit/immediately:
    a.) if a tenant or a fellow traveller will cause severe damage
    b.) if a tenant or a fellow traveller will not accept the rules of the house or if other persons will be disturbed or put at risk
    c.) if the tenant smokes inside the condo. Please see paragraph Smoking.
  14. Pets: Pets are allowed in the condos, but the landlord has to decide on this in each individual case. Pets (size and species) have to be registered separately. For this we will charge an additional fee of 50 € fort he final cleaning. Please see paragraph Final Cleaning.
    For any damages caused by your pets, we will charge a deposit of 300 Euros, which has to be paid in advance with the final payment. In case of no damages the tenant will receive the deposit back after the end of the rental time to be transferred to the previously specified account.
  15. Specific Booking Period: We can only accept bookings on a weekly basis from Saturday to Saturday. If you want to stay just for a couple days (less than one week) it will be possible, but we have to charge the rent for the full week.
  16. Smoking: Smoking and open fire are prohibited in the condo at any time during your stay. Outside facilities can be used! If the landlord spots any non-observance the lease can be determined immediately!
  17. Internet: This is a “free of charge” service we offer in some of the condos for our guests. We do not guarantee this to be 100% functional at any time. Therefore indemnity claims cannot be placed with us.
  18. Disturbance: When choosing the condos we are always looking for a quiet surrounding. However you have to bear in mind that these locations are in a big city. It will always be possible that unforeseen disturbance, e.g. roads works, parties in the neighbour hood, etc. can occur. We as can not influence this and therefore indemnity claims cannot be placed with us.
  19. Parking/Exclusion of liability: is acting intermediary for parking places. Regarding claims and further issues (e.g. damage, accidents, theft, etc.) please contact the owner or operator of the garage directly.
  20. Final provisions: The ineffectiveness of single issues of these general terms and conditions is not valid for the remaining issues. There will be an efficient solution for ineffective clauses. This is also valid for loopholes within the contract. The correction of falsities such as errors and omissions within offers, confirmations and on the internet pages are up to Variations and subsidiary agreements to this rental contract have to be in written form.
  21. Basis of this Terms and Conditions: Basis is the German Version on this website. This English Version is only the translation of the German one. In kind of any misunderstandings or misconstructions the German Version will be taking into account.
  22. Jurisdiction: D-24955 Harrislee, Germany

cancellation arrangement:
In case you cancel your booking 6 weeks in advance before arrival - we will keep your advance payment.
In case you cancel your booking 6 to 3 weeks in advance before arrival - you have to pay 50% of the rental price.
In case you cancel your booking within 3 weeks before arrival you have to pay 100% of the rental price.
In case we find a replacement for your cancellation - we will reimburse you all payment minus 150€ administration fee.

Your security
For your own protection you should conclude a health insurance coverage for foreign countries.

last update 08. August 2012

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